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Men’s Club Team Championship

The competition is open to teams of three male golfers with a maximum handicap of 20. (Not playoff)

At each Regional qualifying competition the team with the lowest aggregate gross score and the team with the lowest aggregate nett scores will qualify to play in the National Finals. All four scores count.

At the National Finals the teams with the lowest aggregate gross and nett scores will be awarded the B-V Cup and B-V Shield respectively to hold for one year.

The winners of the B-V Cup will represent the NAPGC in the England Golf Champion of Champions competition.

Played at

Thornbury Golf Club


26th July 2014


1 Rose Hill G.C. “A” 223
2 Basildon G.C. “A” 223
3 Farnham Park G.C. “B” 223
4 Temple Newsam G.C. “A” 224
5 Southsea G.C. “A” 230
6 Whitewebbs G.C. “B” 232
7 Harborne Church Farm G.C. “A” 238
8 Brent Valley G.C. “A” 239
9 Southsea G.C. “B” 240
10 Tilgate Forest G.C. “B” 242
11 Wycombe Heights G.C. “A” 243
12 Risebridge G.C. “B” 250
13 Stevenage G.C. “C” 253
14 Wycombe Heights G.C. “B” 276

Third Place Nett

Southsea Golf Club

Paul Kerley, John Goater, Micky Beck



1 Tilgate Forest G.C. “B” 199
2 Rose Hill G.C. “A” 206
3 Southsea G.C. “B” 208
4 Temple Newsam G.C. “A” 211
5 Basildon G.C. “A” 211
6 Southsea G.C. “A” 212
7 Farham Park G.C. “B” 212
8 Stevenage G.C. “C” 213
9 Wycombe Heights G.C. “A” 216
10Whitewebbs G.C. “B” 217
11 Brent Valley G.C. “A” 217
12 Harborne Church Farm G.C. “A” 222
13 Risebridge G.C. “B” 227
14 Wycombe Heights G.C. “B” 235

Roger Collinson