Southsea Golf Club – History

Southsea Golf was formed in the early part of the last century for golfers playing over the “Miniature Links” (now

The Club continued until the onset of the second World War, during which time the course was commandeered by the War Department. After the War the course was reopened and Southsea Golf Club continued its activities.

In between wars, in 1926 a full size golf course was opened at Great Salterns on the eastern seaboard coast of Portsmouth and was called “Great Salterns Golf Course” A Golf Club called “Portsmouth Golf Club was  established to play over the new course. called a Pitch and Putt’ course) situated on Eastern Parade, Southsea.

Southsea Golf continued at the” Miniature” or “Mini” as it was affectionately known until golf became so popular, around 1964 , it became impossible for competitive golf to continue there. Membership dwindled to around 6 and the club existed in name only.

In 1971 Portsmouth City Council decided to sell off part of Great Salterns golf course for industrial development and to build a new course on the northern slopes of Portsdown Hill. In 1972 Portsmouth Golf Club decided to move to the new course now called “Portsmouth Golf Course”.

This move left a lot of golfers who played at Great Salterns without a Club and only 11 holes to play. An additional hole was added so an 18 hole round could be played by playing 1 – 6 twice. Later in the year the ground south of Burrfields Road around Great Salterns Lake was made available for Golf and 7 new holes were constructed,the course then was returned to a full 18 hole course (the earlier additional hole being kept as a reserve).

To enable the golfers left behind to continue to play competitive golf a public meeting was called attended by over 100 golfers, and a proposal by the remaining members of Southsea Golf Club to re-establish the Club was unanimously accepted. Membership started at 120 rose to over 600 during the 1980’s and now stands at around 200.

When Portsmouth Golf Club was at Great Salterns it used the Mansion House as the Clubhouse as did Southsea until 1998 when the  Mansion House was sold off for private enterprise, it is now the “Harvester Pub”. Southsea leased a parcel of land in Burrfields Road from Portsmouth City Council and built its own Clubhouse where it is able to provide its members with all the facilities one would expect of a Golf Club.

As far as it can be established  Southsea Golf Club is the only Club in England that plays over a Public Course and owns its own Clubhouse.

The Mansion House now, the ” Harvester Public House”.

The Original Club rooms were bottom right ground floor.

 Mansion House