1. No player shall enter any competitions unless she has paid her Annual Subscription due by 1st April. No reminders are sent out to members by the Club Secretary.

2. See the Competition Book for details of individual Competitions – are you eligible to play?

3. Enter your name in the Competition Book and put the entry fee in the Competition Box BEFORE you play or you will be disqualified from the competition. Your score, however, will still count towards your handicap.

4. It is preferable for lady members to play in competitions with other lady members. Saturday Players may mark the cards for Alternative Day Players (Friday Players) and visa versa by permission of the Committee but may not compete on that day unless the Committee has granted her permission to do so. However, exception to this is if a player cannot play at the same time as other lady members, whether it is Friday or Saturday, due to a prior engagement, work or family etc. She may be able to play at a different time and if she cannot find a lady member to mark her card after ringing other lady members, then, with the permission of the Competition Secretary or, if she is not available, another member of the committee, she may find herself a marker. In this situation, she may have another club member to mark her score card or “a responsible person” but she must have permission.

5. To be eligible to enter some of the Trophy Competitions, a player must have at least 4 Qualifying Competition Score Cards returned during the previous 12 months since the Trophy Competition you are entering was last played. The 4 Qualifying Scores may be played on either Home or Away courses. LADIES’ SECTION RULE ONLY: In the event of a Lady Member completing 17 holes but being unable to clear the Water Hazard on the 18th after a minimum of THREE attempts, the card will count towards the 4 Cards required for entry into Ladies’ Trophy Competitions for the following year. However, these incomplete cards will not be eligible for the EWGA or CONGU Qualifying Competitions. Please write on your card by the 18th hole – ‘3 tries’.

a) Exemption from the ‘Trophy Eligibility’ Rule applies to all Ladies during their first season with Southsea Golf Club but comes into effect from 1st January after their joining date.
This exemption rule is for the Ladies’ Section only.
b) If Exceptional Circumstances have prevented a Member from returning 4 Qualifying Cards as above, that member may, at the Committee’s discretion, be eligible to compete in Trophy Competitions. Exceptional Circumstances will include, representing the Club
elsewhere, serious illness, course closure etc. Every case will be treated on its own merits.
c) 3 Mixed Trophy Competitions require 4 qualifiers to have been done – Marks Trophy, Molly Barker and the Rogers Trophy.

6. There are 12 Trophy Competitions that require 4 Qualifying Scores to be done as mentioned above. However, if you have not done the 4 Qualifying Scores required, for whatever reason, there are approximately 40 other Competitions that can be entered.

7. All Players must have in their possession a Valid Season Ticket or Day Ticket for the course. Failure to do so will not only result in disqualification from the competition but will also result in suspension from future Competitions for a period to be decided by the Committee.

8. All Competition Score Cards must be returned by SUNSET on the day of play.


1. The affairs of the Ladies Section of Southsea Golf Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of:
• The Captain
• The Vice Captain
• The Honorary Secretary
• The Honorary Treasurer
• The Honorary Handicap Secretary & Competition Secretary
• And FOUR elected Members, one of whom shall be the retiring Captain.

2. The Captain shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ladies Section and her appointment shall be ratified at the next following Annual General Meeting of Southsea Golf Club.

3. The Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Handicap & Competition Secretary shall all be elected at the AGM of the Ladies Section and their appointments shall be ratified at the next following AGM of the Southsea Golf Club and they shall hold office until their successors are appointed.

4. THREE Committee Members shall be elected at each AGM of the Ladies Section and their appointments shall be ratified at the next following AGM of the Southsea Golf Club. The Fourth Member will be the previous year’s Captain of the Ladies Section who automatically serves for one year and her appointment shall be ratified at the next AGM of the Southsea Golf Club.

5. No Committee member is expected to serve on the Committee for a period exceeding two consecutive years, (the retiring Captain excepted), unless she is elected an Officer of the Ladies Section. She shall, however, be eligible for re-election to the Committee after a period of two years.

6. The AGM of the Ladies Section shall be held on a date during the first two weeks of March and notice shall be sent to all those entitled to attend not less than 28 days prior to the date fixed, setting out the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting (Ladies Section).

7. A Nomination Form for Officers and Committee Members shall be posted on the notice board not less than 28 days before the AGM (Ladies Section) and it must be completed 14 days before the date of the AGM. A Ballot shall be held if there are more nominations than offices available.

8. Any two full members of the Ladies Section may propose and second another full member to serve on the Committee provided the consent of the nominee has first been obtained.

9. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to fill any vacancy on the Committee that may occur.

10. The Captain shall be the Chairman of the Committee and she may vote and she will, in addition, have a casting vote.

11. One Lady member shall be nominated to serve on the Southsea Golf Club Committee at the Ladies Annual General Meeting.

12. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee whenever necessary and the Committee shall also be bound to do so on receiving notice signed by TEN members of the Ladies Section that they wish to call such a meeting. Such notice must state the purpose for calling any such meeting. No minutes shall be read at an Extraordinary General Meeting and no other business may be dealt with other than stated on the Agenda.


Great Salterns Golf Course-Local Rules

1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27)
a) All land beyond the boundaries of the course.
b) At the 1st, the ground beyond the line of white posts on the right & left hand sides.
c) At the 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th holes, all ground beyond the boundaries of the course as defined by the line of white posts on the left hand side, and the rear of the 13th and 15th greens.
d) The Golf Driving Range land as defined by the perimeter fence.
e) A ball lying on the path behind the 11th green.

All, benches, hydrants, water pipes, sprinkler heads (and if the sprinkler head is within one club-length and interferes with the line of play. Rule 24.2b applies), inspection covers, shelters, fences, stakes defining water hazards and marker posts are immovable obstructions.

3. GROUND UNDER REPAIR (rule 25-1)
a) Tractor marks, all made up paths, bridges and areas made up with wood chippings.
b) Temporary greens (when out of play).

4. WATER HAZARDS (Rule 26)
The streams, ditches and lake as defined by Red Stakes (lateral water hazards) and Yellow Stakes (water hazards).

5. STONES IN BUNKERS are movable obstructions-Rule 24-1 applies.

A ball must be dropped within one club-length of the nearest point of relief from staked or tagged trees. Rule 24-2 applies.
7. A free drop is applicable from out of bounds on the left of the 1st fairway when playing any other hole (Rule 24.2)

1. PLAY can only commence at the 1st, unless permission is given by the Course Officials.
2. SLOW PLAY ((rule 6.7) Players must keep up with the match ahead, or call the match following through.
3. ALL PLAYERS must be in possession of a valid Season or Green Fee Ticket, which must be available for inspection during play.
4. DRESS Shirts MUST be worn at all times.
P.C.C. 10/12