‘At present we are continuing to cut fairways and rough etc weekly where possible this of course is when the ground and weather conditions are suitable, and is becoming increasingly difficult as the ground gets wetter and the temperature continues to be mild meaning the grass is growing in almost spring like conditions

Jobs for the  winter include

  1. Tree planting
  2. Bunker refurb on 12th, plus others
  3. Painting of benches
  4. Clearing of reeds 18thgreen side of lake
  5. Resurfacing of cockleshell paths
  6. Crown lifting of trees around course
  7. Re-siting of some blue tee marker posts
  8. Clearance of some scrub and bramble areas  

 All these tasks are subject to weather and funding , we are still spending substantial additional monies on mowing something that is not scheduled and is an extra. Also due the mild conditions we have had to re-treat out breaks of fusarium disease on the greens.  

In addition to these tasks we will be carrying out the scheduled works such as green aeration , hole changing , greens mowing, monitoring of drainage (clearing blockages) ,cleaning  tee mats, etc

 I hope this of some help , there will of course be numerous other small tasks but will endeavour to speak to you each week with an update.


Dave Stribling Supervisor’